Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Make Money Online When Sharing Picture

Shareapic allows you to earn a set CPM (or rate per 1000 image impressions.) This means everytime someone looks at one image, you get an image view credit. These impressions can be achieved easily if you post on forums, ebay, myspace, friendster or other social sites.

Fun fact: We pay a $0.22 CPM.. that's more than some major ad networks pay their publishers!

Shareapic also allows you to add your Google Adsense© code to your image and gallery pages. This means that every time someone clicks a text link on one of your pages, you earn money through your Adsense© account. Don't have an Adsense© account? Don't worry! Our detailed guidelines make opening one quick and easy :)

Fun fact: Google Adsense© pays once a month and you can even get them to deposit your earnings straight into your bank account!

We pay out within 7 days of any payment request over $20.00 USD. We also solely use paypal as our secure payment provider for your safety.

Heard enough? Get started for free by clicking the "sign up now" button!

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Teija said...

There are also two similar sites that works the same way than shareapic:

Picspay and Imagefly

See how it works with Picspay, live gallery